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I am here

Hi Folks

I won't be able to post much today or over the weekend but I just wanted to let you know that I'm here and OK and PATCH FREE.

Not sure if it's a good thing or bad thing but after the whole reaction thing to the brand yesterday I just took it off then I thought I'd see how it goes without them. I have got an emergency supply of the lozenges though on a just incase.

I'm not gonna get complacent because I know it's early days and I still get bad urges and cravings and at times my brain seems as though its trying to talk me into having just that one :confused: but I remember NOPE and that's the way it's gonna stay.

Stay strong my fellow quitters - you are all doing absolutely great - very proud.


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Hi Tinks

All the best with giving being Patch-free a go........ it's got to be worth a try and your already keeping one step ahead with back-up emergency supplies if it's get hard.

Your already at 24 hours without :cool: - stay strong, focused and have a great weekend............

All the best

Pol xx


Hi Tinks :D

I'm glad you got through yesterday after the patch thing

Glad you got some lozenges though just in case

But 24 hours patch free is great well done you


Marg xx


Yeah, 24 hours patch free fantastic. However this is not a sprint sweetheart so no need to rush things. If you feel you need the patches go back on them.

You are doing a damn good job there honey.



Well done, am sending you strong vibes to help, keep up the good work.



Yay Tinks!!!

What a superstar for giving it a go...!!!!

24 hours is marvellous... if you can manage to crack it til 72 then the worst of the feelings will be over....

Take nicotine replacements if you need to.... but just make sure that you dont smoke!!!!

I'm rooting for you!!!

Go Tinks Go Tinks Yaaaayyyy!!!!

xxxxxxxxxxxxx :D


Good luck tinks, I came off patches early but keep them and nico gum around just in case, it gave me comfort just having them around. To me the craves etc were the same with or without patches , this site helped with all the nico addiction thing as you know its not easy but we re going to get there !



Yes! yes! yes!

Tinks what can I say they have all said the things I would have said except for

YOU'RE A BRAVE LASSIE and I'm routin' fer ye a the wie.:)

Jack xx


Hi Tinks,

Wasn't on yesterday too busy and just read your post now, so you are going patch free hey?.....well best of luck with it hun.

Make sure that you use an alternative like the lozengers if you need something as this time last year when I gave up using the patches I thought after about day 9 I had kicked the habbit and stopped using them but eventually went back to the old smelly cigs but I dont think I was in the right mind set like I am this time and like you are too.

Good luck especially over the weekend as I am finding the weekends the worst time for me as the moment.

Look forward to hearing how you get on Tinks.

Be strong.



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