Day 11

Well today is Day 11 for me and a few others.

Not sure what I can say really? Yes this isn't easy but nobody said it was. Yes I get cravings and feel a bit lost at times. Moody definitly.

But not sure why but I'm not too bothered about any of the above it is as though something has clicked. I know it's early days but it is as though my mind is in the right place. I have made the choice not to smoke and to be quite frank I cannot be bothered to smoke.

I know I have to keep me guard up and that I have a long way to go yet but I just feel really positive about this.

To be honest I have you guys to thank, I can honestly say that if it wasn't for you I wouldn't have attempted my quit again so soon and I wouldn't feel strong and positive about the quit. THANK YOU.

Just thought I'd post in. I do hope you are all having good smoke free days and loads of PMA coming everyones way.

Take care


Me (any my lardy bum :D)


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  • Nice One...

    Good On You Tinks, Yes baby steps, and u are doing brilliant.... If giving up was easy we would all have done it ages ago, and not had as many attempts.

    Keep going strong, u sound really positive..... Kaz :p

  • Day 11 is fantastic Tinkerbell....well done you:D

  • Well done you!

    I think mind set has so much to do with it so keep those positive thoughts.

    Keep it up

    Jen x

  • Well done you, it is great to hear you sounding so positive, and I am sure that will help people in week 1 to hear that is does get better.

  • Wow 11 days all ready (see time does fly). Well done, you are doing so well and you seem so focused. Well done my love.

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