No Smoking Day
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It's me again

12 days down and in to day 13. I can't believe I've saved the best part of £65 in such a short amount of time...and I mean saved. I'm popping my fag money in to a savings account daily!'s well chuffed!

Had my blood thickness test today as I have to take warfarin. The results were interesting as my blood has thickened since stopping smoking. Have to return in a month to see if it's a fluke..maybe it's all the Chrimbo snacking?!

Any ways...lessons learnt since starting this little journey? Buying the Mrs a Sax for Christmas was a really bad idea. My head hurts!

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Have you thought Stav about using your saved money for have sax lessons and join your misses playing the sax?.........



Hi Shaz

Not at this time, I'm a guitar player (well noodler) in my spare time. Also in reality I think the money I'm saving will have to go towards the Sax I've already purchased. It was a great idea until I found out how much a sax could cost. I thought "they're like a recorder, how much could they be".....

....lots was the answer.


I looked into the price of a Sax for my daughter some time ago and after seeing the price of it I asked if she would like to just carry on being a vocalist.

Stav on a serious note (if you'll forgive the unintentional pun) your blood thickening is this a good thing?

Please excuse my ignorance.



Hi Jack,

Not an issue - it's not all good as it means that it's "sticky" and therefore more likely to clot than...well if it were less sticky.

They do an INR (International Normalisation Ratio) test which measures how quickly blood clots. A "normal" reading is 0.8 to 1.2 I believe. For most people this doesn't cause any problems - my blood clots fairly quickly at this range.

They try to balance my blood out at a Ration of 2 - 2.5 (therefore my blood is has half the clotting ability). I was at 1.8 today. Just means I have to be mindful of it and have had an increase in my dose of Warfarin. Back in 4 weeks to see if I'm range.


lol at buying the sax, i brought my mum a ton of wacky xmas pressies which cost me around £100 but im not in debt:Dfar from it in fact will £251 (ish) left in the bank, glad cigs are not taking it away no more, it can just sit there happy for god nose how long as i lost my bank card ages ago:p

well done though stav