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No Smoking Day
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Now into day 9, yipee!!!!!!!!

Hi all,

Yes I have just gone into my day 9 of not smoking and feeling Fantastic!!!:D

I have been keeping a track on my progress on "quitkeeper" and I have saved £36.08 and would have smoked 117 cigs by now, how shocking is that in 8 days!!!!!!! I must say that looking at that everyday really makes me stop and think. My cash for ash jar is definately benefitting my quit.

I've had no real hurdles to overcome today which helps and very thankful for.

Really looking forward to reaching this time tomorrow and I'll be in double figures!!!!!!:D:D

Hope everyone else is happy and smokefree?


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Cash 4 Ash - Make it count..

Hey Sharon rolling into the double figures with ease, great to hear, now u have to treat yourself remember with the "cash 4 ash" and that will make u feel more motivated. Have things to show for your hard work, it would have been wasted on cigs so may as well.....,

U are doing brilliant.... Keep going strong.... Double figures tomorrow who would have thought that on Day One.... Kaz xx :p


Well done Shaz! Just think how great you'll feel in 18 days, 18 weeks, 18 months and 18 years!


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