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Start of week 2 but what an awful weekend!


Hi all

I have now made it to the start of week 2 which I am delighted about but what a nightmare the weekend was!! :mad:

I am not sure if it is because the weekend has no structure but I found it really hard and was super grumpy yesterday which upsets me as I don't want to spend my weekend grumpy as Monday comes round too quickly anyway!

Does anyone else find weekends hard?

Hel x

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Hi Hel

Yes mate, I found this weekend particularly hard. I always smoked more on a weekend anyway, mainly as I had more free time, and it was super hard not smoking when having a drink!

But we've done one weekend and survived so the rest can only get better!

Hi Hel :D

I'm really sorry you found the weekend so hard I also found them difficult and I don't go to work anymore

But the first one is over now and it will get easier for you Promise but try and plan something to help with them some jobs around the home maybe or a day out enything will help


Marg xx

Thanks Emily and Marg.

I think it was hard as I had time to think about it rather than actual cravings. Plus, you are both right! I have made it through the 1st week and weekend so there is no reason why I can't do it again!

Today is much better and the time is flying so I must try and stick to taking one day at a time. Plus, I have some nice stuff planned for this weekend which should keep my mind occupied!

Thanks again.

Hel x :)

I found weekend hard too Hel, didn't venture out to pubs as associate drinking and smoking hand in hand and so glad Monday here as the first weekend is bound to be the hardest. I have never looked forward to monday coming around........

You are doing really well Hel, keep it up girl!!!!!

Like you week 2 here I am feeling great that I have one 8 days

Keep me posted.


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