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Hi to you on day 2

Day 2 now, still feel ok. Trying not to think long term about smoking, can feel a slight anxious feeling building up sometimes, but so far been able to keep it down. Adverts on tv are weird, they would normally be when i'd pop outside for a smoke, might have to start watching BBC more!?

Good luck to anyone in the early stages like me. Taking it day by day. Wondering whether to keep a diary. Has anyone done this, would it help in the future do you think to look back on how I was feeling, suppose it depends on how i'm feeling, bit early to tell yet.

Good luck everyone, keep at it. :)

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Hey Lozza, I have just looked back at posts I posted on here when I first quit and gosh how I struggled, but 10 months on am fine... If I can do it looking at them now, anyone can... Just take 1 hour at a time and it will seem easier. Good Luck..... And read peoples signatures they are very helpfull. Stay strong Kaz :p


Hi Lozza I found this thread a while ago and found that this helped me understand alot of what I was going through and what I would go through.

It may help

Well done again on day two.:cool:

Jack x


Hi Lozza hun

Day 2 is great work. Just take baby steps at first hun. One day at a time. I kept a diary still do but forget to write in it most days now. it helpped me to see how far I had come. You can do it Im sure but slowly rome was not built in a day.xxxxxxx


Hi Lozza :D

Well done getting to day 2 that's great just hang in there

Take it a day at a time and don't look to far ahead in these early days or it can get a bit daunting for you

Many have found it helps to tell themselves that just for today I'm not smoking


Marg xx


Hi Lozza,

Well done on getting to day 2, how's it gone today?. I found day 2 & 3 very testing but came through it in the end, I'm now on day 8. You have to keep strong and motivated and the key is to keep yourself busy. I read somewhere that carvings only last 3 minutes so remember that when you have one.

Wishing you much continued smoke free days.



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