Hi to you on day 2

Day 2 now, still feel ok. Trying not to think long term about smoking, can feel a slight anxious feeling building up sometimes, but so far been able to keep it down. Adverts on tv are weird, they would normally be when i'd pop outside for a smoke, might have to start watching BBC more!?

Good luck to anyone in the early stages like me. Taking it day by day. Wondering whether to keep a diary. Has anyone done this, would it help in the future do you think to look back on how I was feeling, suppose it depends on how i'm feeling, bit early to tell yet.

Good luck everyone, keep at it. :)

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  • Diary,,,,,

    Hey Lozza, I have just looked back at posts I posted on here when I first quit and gosh how I struggled, but 10 months on am fine... If I can do it looking at them now, anyone can... Just take 1 hour at a time and it will seem easier. Good Luck..... And read peoples signatures they are very helpfull. Stay strong Kaz :p

  • Hi Lozza I found this thread a while ago and found that this helped me understand alot of what I was going through and what I would go through.

    It may help


    Well done again on day two.:cool:

    Jack x

  • Hi Lozza hun

    Day 2 is great work. Just take baby steps at first hun. One day at a time. I kept a diary still do but forget to write in it most days now. it helpped me to see how far I had come. You can do it Im sure but slowly rome was not built in a day.xxxxxxx

  • Hi Lozza :D

    Well done getting to day 2 that's great just hang in there

    Take it a day at a time and don't look to far ahead in these early days or it can get a bit daunting for you

    Many have found it helps to tell themselves that just for today I'm not smoking


    Marg xx

  • Hi Lozza,

    Well done on getting to day 2, how's it gone today?. I found day 2 & 3 very testing but came through it in the end, I'm now on day 8. You have to keep strong and motivated and the key is to keep yourself busy. I read somewhere that carvings only last 3 minutes so remember that when you have one.

    Wishing you much continued smoke free days.


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