No Smoking Day
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middle of week 7 for me... feeling pleased about not smoking..... havin a bad time at home with a poorly cat feeling sad but not wanting to smoke is brill.. thanks all my mates on here for all ur support

Julie E




zozie to name but a few


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Week 7 .... Brilliant

Hey well done on fast approaching Week 8... Soon be counting in months. Hope your cat gets better soon Kaz :p


thanks Kaz

how you doing i feel great not smoking

can stop crying but hey ho will feel better once my cat is better..

watching chronicals of narnia and crying at that lol


Emotional Day...

Hey Dont worry, we all have days like this, as a smoker and a non smoker. My friend Sharon who give up smoking on Sunday felt the same today...

I am feeling fab now about not smoking, its 10 months today and I am so pleased to be where I am, cos never believed after so many failed attempts I would get this far.... Congratulations on your quit, u are doing so well.. Kaz :cool:


Hey Tigger

Can I cry with you. sob sob. I feel awful. Want a smoke. :eek::eek: Haven't felt like this for ages.:eek:


hi Sue :D

Almost eight weeks already that's great keep it going

I hope your poorly cat soon gets better


Marg xx


hey Marg, Kaz and my twinny

how u girls doing???? funny I dont miss smoking and dont want one either... twinny come on cry with me... I am at it again lol cat Paws is not himself with all the drugs hes on.... each time i look at him I feel sick...hes not my little cutie, demanding cuddles paws at mo

as for smoking who in there right mind wants to put a nasty dirty stinky cancer filled stick in their mouth. light it up and suck it in their lungs what more can I say love u all n thanks



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