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Hello Campers!!!

Just thought i would 'pop in' to welcome all the newbies in their quits-i can remember this time last year the forum being very busy with new quitters-new years resolutions and all that.

Well i have stopped smoking for nearly 16months now-oh how i loved to smoke!! i would be the one saying 'i'm not gonna quit, i love it too much' and 'i don't care about the smoking ban up yours-gonna smoke anyway'-complete and utter denial!!!

Then i lost a friend to cancer...then another during my quit, both under 40 both died of lung cancer-and what a terrible death that is!!!

Its true-i loved smoking-(so i thought) but hand on heart i love not smoking even more- i love the freedom it gives me-no slave to an addiction, i love the extra cash-my shoe collection has grown! and most of all-i feel alive!! i have so much more energy, i breath clearly and feel better than i did 10years ago.

I did it for myself-nobody else-thats important, you do for some-one else you will fail.

Its hard times, it does get easier, then it becomes an enjoyable challange-it is the best thing i have ever done.

I sincerely wish you all the best, stay strong because the rewards are so worth it, The forum was a great help, met some great friends on here,use it as much as you can

love to you all-you are quite simply fabulous for making this decision


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I second that! Good to see you shabby :)


Excellent Post //

Hi Shabba. great to see you, I remember when I first quit and your posts were ones to watch for, and I used to wish I was where u were in my quit, Now thanks to people like u I am fast approaching 1 year.... Congratulations and what a brilliant post... Good to see u have done so well... Kaz :)


Good post Shabba.

Like Kaz I remember your posts when I was new here, and they, along with a few others, really helped to strengthen my own quit.

And I echo the welcome to all new quitters - stick with it, it really is worth it.


Hi there!

Thank you Shabba for that post - it is true, I loved smoking BUT I have to admit I love NOT smoking more.

Great to hear from you, Take care

Nicki xx


Great post S.

A driver too for me was seeing people dropping around me (including my dad) - not only from Cancer but heart problems.

I don't think you could have really added much more!


Thank you so much for a fantastic post. It helps so much for all of us still going though the early months wondering when it gets this good. I'm so looking forward to posting a similar message in a years time. Congratulations on making a success out of the best decision of your life.


Hello Shabba

Good to see you again.

I am waiting to get into the penthouse, not long now.

I did do it for someone else, my daughter, so I hope your theory isnt true for me!! LOL

Well done on your 16 months.




Nice to hear from you Shabba, thanks for spurring us on.



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