No Smoking Day
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Knock Knock!!!!

Puts head round door ...ooooo its very nice here isn't it.

Well thats the peace shattered Jack and march in today 3 months down...woop woop. We are bringing loads more noisy ones in the next couple of weeks so sorry in advance for the rabble...

Its been a very hard and sometimes rocky road but with a lot of bloody mindedness and tons of support on here I have made it here, only 2 more moves to the This forum is great I love you all....

too emotional pours wine and sits in the corner :o

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Sitting, drinking alone in the corner? Do I need to bring a few straight jackets?

The ensuing rabble just may result in some ASBO's being given out before we hit our 70's:p

Unlike Sue, its sounds like you found the bar very quickly :cool:

The journey here is a little like a weather forecast - stormy patches with the occasional moments of calm - even moments of the doldrums...

But the laughter and support, the jokes and friendship along the way has made if far far easier than it may have been otherwise.

I'm beginning to see why it's seems so quiet in Month 4 & 5..... everyone is relieved and stunned and just sitting around like Lorna. Save me a corner and glass :D


Keep up the good work!!

Hi Lorna, Been watching u October Quitters and u are all doing fantastic, Yeah the Penthouse gets closer and closer each day,,,,

Well done to u and your brilliant group Kaz :)


Big Well Done Lorna and Jack, great watching your group you are so much fun and it is sure needed when quitting.



Hi Lorna

Well done strating month 4 that's great


Marg xx


Hello my lovely, I'm sorry I'm late to the party but I have spent all day cleaning up in month 3 after you and Jack!!

There were times I know it was very hard for you Lorna but you like the bloody trooper you are came through and frankly you dragged me with you (kicking and screaming). Well done, I'm so proud of you.



Warm a seat..I'll be there soon :P Sometime around my birthday in fact *HINT* warm the seat and cool the bottle :P

Well done to all those who have made it another month.


Well done Lorna and Jack, Am very proud of you have a big glass of mulled wine and save me a mince pie xxxx


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