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No Smoking Day
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Into month 5, maybe?

Ok, I know I have not been around much recently, the silly season keeps me sooo busy. Just got back to normalish yesterday and the bloody school is closed today!

Anyway, here is where I stand, I smoked on New Years Eve only had 2, and they did nothing for me. I did not feel dizzy or sick or high or anything it just kinda felt normal. They were Silk Cut extra mild and I was a Benson and Hedges girl. I have not had another one since and don't intend to have another one until maybe next New Year, so I am counting this as a blip and staying in this place rather than going back to week one, I hope this is ok with everybody, but the main thing is that I don't have another one, and I can promise you right now that I will not be.

Has been a bit tougher the last couple of days, but it was a bit tougher just before Xmas as well, so I think it is just one of those times when I have to put my head down and choose not to smoke today.

Hope everyone is doing ok, and is enjoying the snow with all that extra energy from not smoking.

Happy New Year to you all (bit late i know), and thanks for reading.

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Congrats on 5 Months


You don't need anyone else's consent, you post where you want to post and anyone who says otherwise is kidding themselves.

As to your blip, I agree with your attitude that you haven't restarted and someone who has the same attitude is Cav (he'll no doubt be along at some point), I'm impressed that you can have 2 and not start again, I can't - and don't even want to test the theory.

So for others reading this, I can't be like Bev and just have a puff I know it would start me off again. Know yourself.



Hi Bev and Happy New Year to you too

A blip of a couple of smokes isn't too bad in the scheme of things and it doesn't really matter if it's OK with others or not what you do or don't do regard where you post and where in your quit you consider yourself to be. It's what counts with you that ........... hmm .. counts? ;)

To have not really got anything from those two cigs and not had any since shows some commitment once again and good for you in carrying on and not going the 'oh sod it' route and getting back into old ways.

I don't think if I blipped I'd get back on a quit so quickly if at all. I hope I never have to find out.

Stay strong Bev, all the best



Congrats getting to month 5, Bev!! I can't believe it's been that long already!! Bad, bad you, for having a couple of smokes..... you're very lucky to not have become hooked again, I would have...... very glad you're back on track! Happy New Year, Bev!!! xxx



Good to see you - and big congrats on ending month 4 and into month 5.

I agree with the others - its New Year and a little blip - like having a big cream cake when on a diet - it doesn't mean you've stopped the diet. This is a long haul for a lot of us so well done for your resolve going forward.

I also agree with some of the others - I couldn't have just had one or two - that would me me finished. As MAH says - Know Yourself!


You don't need permission from anybody to remain in a particular forum.. blips happen for some quitters.. its how you deal with the blip and recover from it that matters the most.

I'm sure you've probably read loads since it happened to re-inforce anyway, but if not its usually helpful to do so.

Good luck and keep a focus on keeping the demon at bay.



Silk Cut extra mild don't count anyway - I don't think they even have any nicotine in, and you might as well be sucking in fresh air! ;)


I was going to ask if your ear-drums were ok as my experience of them were that it was worse than drinking a mcdonalds extra thick milkshake through a severely blocked straw :)


:D Like it Jase. Those were the ones that you used to have to hold the little holes around the filter tight just to try and get a decent drag. The things we used to try and do hey?

Bev - congratualtions on getting to 5 months. It was just a little blip thats all and you jumped straight back on that horse. I wish I had done that instead of waiting a whole month.

WELL DONE YOU - month 6 here you come!

Tinks xx


Thanks for all the replies.

I think the reason I did not get anything from it was because, your right MCW and Jase, there is no nicotine in the dam thing, so therefore it was not even a blip it was just like sucking on a pen!

Feeling so much better about it now, was feeling a bit guilty for not going back to day 1, but to be honest that would not feel right.

In some strange way it has made this quit stronger, because it has reinforced the fact that smoking did not make any difference to my life (other than slowly killing me) I am the same person (witty, wonderful, sexy etc) without nicotine I just smell better :D

So another day smoke free, onwards and upwards to the famous Penthouse.


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