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Dear All

DID IT....first real day in 33 years I have not had a fag through my own choice :D

Now on to the evening of day 2 and it has killed me today. Everyone at work was great though, maximum support from people I never even thought would support me, and boy did I need their help :rolleyes: But Day 3 tomorrow and bar a thick chest and a developing cough (for some reason) I feel a little better already.

Thanks for all you support thus far.

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The thick chest may well be the clearing of all the crud you've been chucking down your lungs in those years. I've picked up a lovely dry cough over the past day...a real corker!

Honestly though...HUGE congratulations! Personally day 2 was my worst day...other than that they've been easy(ish). No cravings as such...more a I occasionally want a Mars Bar.


Well done again and keep it up!


hey papillion

well done. get past tomora and next day will follow.

all on here are great and support you through it....

hope to see you on here more xx


Good for you....

That's great you did it!! One day at a time. I found that I just say to myself that I will not smoke today. I don't think about tomorrow. I just won't smoke today. Popcicles and juice also helps.


Well done, keep going a day or even an hour at a time it is all do-able, I promise. Plenty of reading about the addiction to nicotine is the way to get your head right and stay stopped. Read as much as you can in the posts and websites in our signatures, these will make a big difference to how you see the rubbish we all believed about smoking.



Well done you. You keep going you are doing really well.

How has today been for you?


Hi Papillon :D

Well done you 2 day complete that's great you're doing really well

Also it's good that the people you work with are supporting you

The thick chest and cough are just your lungs starting to clear the gunk out it will pass soon


Marg xx


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