No Smoking Day
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I feel Naughty!

Hi Guys,

Having a bad day today, or should I say half a day! I didn't get up until 12.30 as I wanted my morning ciggy badly and knew it would be worse if I got up!

Cravings have been bad today so I went and bought an inhalator which is about the only thing I haven't tried before. I thought when I get a really bad craving I could have a puff on it rather than cave in and have a ciggy. Not sure if you are supposed to use them with patches though, I have only had about 5 puffs on it in 2hrs but feel better now.

Bev x

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Keep it going can do it!


Hi bev

you can use patches and inhalator together as i have both given to me by my quit nurse i have only used 5 cartridges in 9 days so like you i only use when i have bad craves,

Glad to hear you are feeling better.



Keep strong Bev, you can do this and NEVER have to do day 3 again

L x


First day back at work tomorrow, that should be interesting! Wish me luck!

Bev x


Hey Bev what does it matter what you use the ultimate aim is not to smoke cigarettes true? go for it anyway you can.

I have used a few things to help me at the start, believe it or not apples, oranges, extra strong mints and Werthers original sweets.

Your doing great well done and keep inhaling or whatever it takes.

Jack x :cool:


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