No Smoking Day
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Best ever!

Well, I ate all my Christmas dinner and thought it was the best I'd ever tasted...and then realised why (probably?) The taste buds have probably come back to life now!

I stopped taking the champix last Sunday as I was starting to behave very manic again...actually throwing things across the room :eek: I think a certain incident started it off and then I was on a roller coaster ride...I even frightened myself when I couldn't stop shaking...quite frightening actually. I asked hubby if he prefered me smoking or manic and he opted for the long as it didn't last too long! Feel like I'm calming down a bit now...managed to cook dinner yesterday for 11 people without a hissy fit so that's definitely an improvement.

I'm now going to read a book I've waited a while's the biography of my first love. I did ask for it last year as a pressie but hubby said it was out of print and could only get a second-hand one from Amazon so he didn't bother. So that was me in a mood last Xmas! When he asked this year what I wanted I repeated last year's request and walked off....he didn't dare NOT get it!!! So, like I said, my first love and, I have to admit to still loving him after 44 years and would happily run off with him any time he asked...Scott Walker. I play him all the time on youtube and he always puts a smile on my face. The voice and face are just perfect. If anyone knows him, tell him I'm gagging to meet him ;)

Hope everyone had a fantastic and smoke free Christmas!

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Hi JJ :D

Well done off the champix and going it alone that's great




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