Lucanlass begins her 3rd Month

Welcome to Lucanlass on reaching Month 3 :D

Get yourself comfy (lovely chairs by the log fire) and enjoy your time here in Month 3.

Some folk find Month 3 hard but I hope you don't. Our quits are more solid now and have a good foundation to continue to build upon.

*Hands lucanlass a lovely hot drink of mulled wine and a congratulatory Champagne*

To continued smoke-freedom

Pol xx

4 Replies

  • Welcome Lucanlass, month 3 is going to be a breeze.

    Congratulations and please can I also have some mulled wine.....:)


  • Hi Lucanlass :D

    Well done getting to month 3 that's great Big Hug


    Marg xx

  • Hello LL

    Welcome to month 3 (sorry about the mess but Pol & Lorna had a boozy night). Hope you are well my lovely.

  • Thank you so much for such a warm welcome. So pleased to be able to join you all and get sozzled on the champagne and I see it's Bollinger my favourite :p

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