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Hellooooo, I'm Happily bouncing, and i've boinged into Month 2.... yippee!!!

I hope there's a glass of wine for later, i've brought some lemon cheesecake to share, its delicious, and well if lemon cheesecake isn't your thing then i have black forest gateux, and a variety of party snacks..... :D

*Looks Around*

Oooooooh its lovely in here.... chairs look comfy... and i love what you've done to the decor.... Mmmmm!!!

Aaaaah and some old Month 1 faces too *waves frantically*, eeeeh and lots of other fab people too...!!!!!

Helloooo Everyone!!!!! :D

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Hi Zozie :D

Good you've bounced into month 2 well done you and phhhhhhhhh lots of goodies as well

Just popped in though to say hello and well done


Marg xx


Good to see you Zozie...congratulations on 1 month complete.

I am packing up today and heading out to month 3, so you are welcome to have my bunk...

Wine always available in month 2 in fact I hope month 3 will be slightly healthier so enjoy.

Stay strong my love



Congratulations and welcome to month 2 Zozie!

Make the most of the wine though...Christine will soon be moving into month 3and she won't be leaving any wine behind :D

I'll have a piece of cake while I'm here though...just half of the choccie one should do nicely :)


Hi and Welcome to Month 2

I hope you find your time in here a little easier urge wise (most do, so why not you) and never forget to recognise how well your doing.

Once you've had enough of cake, wine and sweets etc, there are some roller blades around somewhere.

The weight gain for some Month 2'rs has been unwelcome, tolerable given the circumstances but a bit of an eye opener.

And then there's Christmas...... :eek: Still, you and your quit sound pretty strong so if you are noticing any gain, deal with that later.

All the best to you and your smoke free journey



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