Day 16 Champix - Week 3

Hi guys,

Sorry I wasn't around yesterday, work has turned mega busy all of a sudden, however I just thought I should give an update on me. Into week 3 now and feeling strong again, all of my doubts from week 2 are gone yay!!! I even had a mini row with my hubby last night which would always normally cause me to light up, but I was fine :) And we sorted out our differeces too, I'm pleased to advise :)

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  • well done

    well done mychelle it can only get easier (she says with loads ofd conviction) lol keep it up hun

  • Hi Michelle :D

    Well done you getting to week 3 is great also well done having a few words with OH and not giving in to the temptation


    marg xx

  • Brilliant - Champix is doing its stuff, but it's your own willpower that's making it work,

    Great work


  • Thanks guys, I just came back from the Non Smoking Clinic and my carbon monoxide reading was just 2 :p 3 weeks ago it was 17. Also my high blood pressure has come right down so I don't need to take pills to control that :)

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