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New experience

Today I'm going to Cairo (business travel)... it's the first time since I packed up and I'm looking forward not to smoke 2 or 3 fags before checking in, not being grumpy once in Amsterdam (no smoking airport) because I NEED a fag and arriving in Cairo, composed and not rushing out to have a smoke... it's going to be a whole new experience :)

it seems I've been sailing through my quit lately and don't even think of myself as an ex smoker... at 1 Champix per day (for the past couple of weeks) I thought I might struggle but it's been ok. My quitting the ex is a lot harder than this... then again the fags aren't pursuing me with promises!! lol

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Enjoy Cairo - and the pleasures of a flight where the main concern isn't how and where to fit in the next cigarette.

I can still remember the horrors of one particular trans-Atlantic flight which seemed to be delayed forever with no chance of a cigarette, then the actual flight took much longer than scheduled. It was a complete nightmare under any circumstances, but while craving for a cigarette as well was horrendous.

Enjoy the freedom to enjoy the flight



Hi Corinne :D

Enjoy your smoke free trip to Cairo even though it is business I'm sure you'll find a little time for some pleasure as well


Marg xx


Have a great trip Corinne:) and enjoy the new experience of not having to plan around and find places for, smoking.

Hope all goes well and you continue to sail through your quit

Pol x


Hello my lovely, have a great time in Cairo. This is the plus side to quitting, I personally was a nightmare on a plane or in the airport and looking back my hubby must of dreaded going on holiday with me!!

Can't wait to see how you got on.



Hi there - and well done on your quit.

I put a message about flying on teh Symptoms board - and have just come back from a weekend away.

Liek Christine I used ot be nightmare - now flying is an absolute pleasure.

I hope you enjoy your trip - you certainly will enjoy the freedom!


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