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I have not smoked for 19 days with the aid of champix. However I am finding the side effects hard to bear and have started cut the tablets in half. However a friend, who is also using Champix said they had been told they must never do this - something to do with the coating. Has anybody else been told this and if so what is the problem?? Can anybody advise me, I really don't want to go back to taking the full 1mg and I cannot change my prescription till next Monday.

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IF i was you, I would take just one tablet in the morning and forget the other one. That's what I do, the effecfs are still there but in less 'quantity and quality'... and if you still no smoking on one tablet, there is no need to take two.

Not sure about cutting them in half, I am sure 2 halves equal one tablet, so might as well do what I am doing.

Good luck and keep going!


Hello Denise

Yes you can half them that is not a problem, however make sure you cut down slowly. I've gone from 2 blue tablets to one but tomorrow I am too just going to half them twice a day.

Good luck


Hi Denise :)

Well done you on day 20 that's great

I also used champix to help me stop smoking but am sorry you have bad side effects from them

I can see no harm in cutting them in half and I know some have done that but why not do as do as Lolito is doing and just take one once a day and see how that goes it can be difficult to get exact halves anyway but why not ask about this when you pick up your next prescription

Below is my standard welcome and advice post which I try and give all new members

Welcome to the forum and well done on the decision to quit possibly one of the most important you will ever make and you will be losing nothing but you will regain control of your life and that has to be good

You will find all the help and support you need on here as we all help each other just like a family we are here for you every step of the way cheering the good days and sympathising with the bad but the good far outweigh the bad

Read the posts on here you will find a lot of tips and advice and in the signatures of a lot you will find links to other sites just click on them Here

are 2 I found very good to start you off and

Read,read and then read some more as the more you read and learn about why you smoked and about your addiction the easier your quit will be

This link is good for the psychological part of quitting

Post often to let us know how you're doing, to rant, rave have a moan whatever you like pretty much anything goes on here OK




Hi Denise, I've been cutting in half and taking the blue tablet every morning for about 2 weeks now without any problems and I've never heard it mentioned that it might cause problems due to the coatings.

You might want to have a word with your GP if you are concerned but I've heard of quite a few people on this forum and on other internet sites saying they cut the blue tablet in half to create a 1/2mg tablet and have had no problems.

Hope this helps!


Hi Denise,

I'm doing the same as mikeduk without any problems. I was fed up of the side effects, so afrter about three weeks on the full dose, I went to one full one in the morning and cut out the evening one. Then a week later I started breaking them in half and just having half in the morning. No problems at all - and theside effects have gone away too.



Thanks for your reply's.

It is helpful to hear how others are dealing with side effects and the dosage.

I dont think I am ready to go with just will power yet:eek:

.... but I will have to if I cannot reduce the effects I am suffering from at present.


Good luck Denise.

I have to ask you guys a question or two....did you smoke for the 8-14 day period at the start of Champix?

And at say day 19 into them, if you stopped taking them do you think you'd go back to smoking, or does that differ for everyone etc...Sorry, just slightly angsty.



Hi Al. I quit on Champix and set my quit date as day 8 of the Champix. I have to say I was really worried that it wouldn't work as I kept smoking for those 8 days and nothing felt different. However, once I started on the 2 tablets a day, fags started to taste vile and I stopped as planned on day 8. I carried on with the 2 a day until a week ago, when i forgot to take the evening one, so I've just been taking the morning one for over a week now.

I plan to do this for a couple of weeks and then chop them in half. I've talked to my GP about this and she thinks it's a good idea.

In answer to your question, I think it's different for everyone. Probably the most important thing is that your head is in the right place when you stop taking Champix ie that you are NOT smoking. Good luck.:)


Hi Aussmoker

Champix is different for everyone. Just don't worry and don't force it. Smoke when you want to in the first 'session' but don't force yourself to smoke if you don't want one.

I didn't set a firm 'quit' date just went with the flow and felt on about Day 13 I could stop - so I did. I stayed with the full dose for a few weeks longer, before cutting back because I didn't like the side effects. But some people one here have come off Champix completely after a few weeks and been OK, whereas others have taken the full 3 months.

It what suits you - just don't risk your quit by coming off them or cutting down too early if you feel you still need them



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