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champix advice needed


Hi folks, hope everyone is well and still off the evil little white sticks.

I hav'nt posted for a wee while so need to do some catching up lol.

Anyways does anyone know if i can quit chamix, tomorrow will be the end of the 6th week of champix and 4 whole weeks off the fags.

The champix is causing me a few problems with my toilet functions nuff said lol.

Was just wondering if i could now come off the champix?

Many thanks in advance.

trippy x

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Hi trippy

Ive been on the Champix about 6 weeks cut down to one a day a week ago and ive decided to go CT today. I dont think its an exact science as it effects everyone differently. all i can suggest is cut down to one a day then one everyother day etc and see how you get on.

Hi trippy, I agree with Jack. There's nothing to stop you stopping the Champix immediately, but don't do so if it might threaten your quit.

I did the same as jack, after about five week I cut down to one tablet a day. I didn't like feeling sick all the time. Now I'm just taking half a tablet in the morning, with no side effects at all. Even the weird dreams have gone.

Well done on the month without cigarettes.


Hi Trippy, lovely to see you back and still off the cigs.

Like you I am 4 weeks quit and 6 weeks on Champix. This week I have cut out the morning tablet as I was fed up with the sickness...I felt sick even eating in the morning. Yesterday I was late back from work, did not want anything to eat so did not have my tablet....

I think it is very much how you feel.....if you feel strong enough then give it a go, you can always go back if the cravings get too much.

Good luck...xx

Hi Trippy :D

Well done you're doing great 4 weeks smoke free

I used champix and stopped them early after just 8 weeks 7 none smoking as I kept forgetting them

So nothing to stop you not taking them at all I didn't have a problem with it at all

But why not just take one a day for a few days and see how that goes and if you're OK and not wanting to smoke cut the other one out but keep some by you for a while just in case you need them OK


Marg xx

Hi there

What does your doctor say?


I'm on my 4th week of quitting and my 6th of taking champix.

I had a nurse appointment last week and she stressed that it's really important to go the whole 12 weeks. I was feeling pretty sick so she's cut the morning one to half and said if necessary we'll do the same with the evening one.

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