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No Smoking Day
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Day 5

Well here we are day 5. I really can't believe that I've got this far I usually fall at the first crave and had almost given up ever being able to stop. Slept like a baby last night and woke up feeling really good and very happy.:)

I am happy I have quit. I am determined to get through this and this forum is helping - I am not alone.

The cravings are not so bad today.


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Hi Soosy :D

Well done you on day 5 that's great keep it going

Pleased to hear the cravings are better today and that you feel good and happy

No You're not alone we'll all help if/when you need us and remember we've all been where you are some of us more than once




Well done Soosy :)

Almost got to a full week...that is a great milestone and should be a focus for you just now. Then the next of 4 weeks, then the calendar month. It's just a series of step forwards and constant repitition of affirming new healthier brain washing. You weren't really thinking of keeping the old ones of smoke, poison, feel crap, unfit, coughing, grey skin, smelly clothes and hair.

Why not see if you can get a support group going? There are already a fair few November quitters and I'm sure you could generate sufficient interest. It does help to have support from those going through the exact same stages as you. Many of us have made lifelong buddies through quitting.

Best wishes,



HOw do I get a support group going?


HOw do I get a support group going?

Spotted that you have now been 'adopted'. Nice one :)


I've been adopted thank you - not on my own any longer!


You are definitly not on your own Soosy. This forum has helped me tremendously with that feeling. Knowing others have experienced/are experiencing the same is kind of reassuring. Also others advice is very helpful as at the end of the day they have been there, done it and got the t-shirt!

WELL DONE Soosy on your 5th day of being smokefree. Together WE can do it.

Take care

Tinkerbell xx


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