Day 11 and excited!

Hubby is home at the weekend and he'll smell me smoke free for the first time since we met 28 years ago today! All my other half hearted attempts at quitting were when he was working away so he didn't get to sniff me for the odd 24 hours I was smoke free.

I'm still waiting for the joys of coughing up gunk...anyone tell me when this starts so I can have the tissues ready?

Stepped on the scales this morning and have put on a couple of pounds but think taking laxatives tonight might get rid of that...another lovely side effect :rolleyes:

Apart from that I'm feeling quite chirpy today...the wobbly, shakey feeling has gone at last!

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  • Im having the same side effects too, do you think that will explain my 1/2 a stone weight gain ? If that is the case the effects of laxatives could be too disastrous on the drains of west yorkshire.

    I do know that this is a common side effect and it takes a good few weeks to get used to the changes.

    Good luck for this weekend and hope you have a lovely time. Well done.


  • Are you going to tell him or see how long it takes him to guess?

    How long has he been away? Reason I ask is that any weight gain could easily be lost this weekend ;)

  • hi guys... I'm having the same problem and it's getting very uncomfortable! I took 2 tablets 2 days ago and again last night and still nothing!! :(

    haven't put on any weight but I feel like I'm 6 months pregnant!! grrrr

  • Oh dear I can see where this is going :eek:

    Could I suggest, fruit and lots of it, also lots of fibre. Unfortuatenly it is one of the common side effects of giving up smoking as a lot of people will tell you on here. Also, make sure you drink plenty of water and fruit juice is also a good natural remedy.

    So run along to the shops - go on quick before anything decides to move :eek:

  • Are you going to tell him or see how long it takes him to guess?

    How long has he been away? Reason I ask is that any weight gain could easily be lost this weekend ;)

    He knows already and is very very happy...he's never smoked but he's had to put up with me stinking all these years! God I never realised how bad it was :o

    He's been away about 5 weeks so yes, a bit of exercise over the weekend might be in order, just to lose any weight gain you understand ;)

    I'm off to get some All Bran...will start on that tomorrow after the sennakot tonight.

  • Hi JJ69 hope day 11 is still looking good and well done.

    However I'm glad you have brought up the toilet issue, did you know that nicotine is a bowl stimulate so quitting does make us constipated AND so does Champix! Champix can also cause water retention too:mad:. I've managed a 1/2 stone gain and I've been careful what I eat!!

    Ex-lax which are chocolate laxatives are good.

    Anyway hope you are all well.

  • Cant beat Prune juice

    Its all right for you lot, Ive stopped smoking, Im on Champix and I had a lengthy operation on my stomach, all in the last 5 weeks.

    So have a thought for me

  • Personally Murphy I believe wine is the cure for everything. Large red for madam??

  • my thoughts are with you Murph :)

    I've decided to be radical because I've always eaten lots of fruits and veg, taken Senokot tablets for the past 2 days and I feel like a balloon, it is becoming painful so I've bought some laxative suppositories and I hope this will give me relief :o

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