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day 3 feel concerned

hi everyone,

i have woke up this morning with a really sore mouth and tounge, and a thundering head-ache:(,

is this normal?

i am still smoking and taking champix, and had a really sleepless night, even when i am typing this my concentration is not there as normal.

how long before champix takes hold i have set a stop day on the 8th day is this wise?

anyway any help or advice would be welcome

many thanks


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Good morning, sorry to hear you feeling bad. can't help with the champix thing i'm afraid, just wanted to let you know, sleeping problems are well documented around here. and if you have real concerns regarding your health please make sure you get your GP to check you out.

sending some PMA to keep you going.


thank you

thanxs for ur support it means alot, i have been reading on here about similiar symptons, so it has reasurred me i am not the only one but thanks for ur nice support



Hey Cyclops,

Welcome to the forum. Similar to Bev I don't have personal experience of Champix. However you've said that you've read around here and I was wondering if you had read up on members' experiences with Champix. If you haven't already, or even not read very widely, then go to the 'search' facility above and slightly to the right. Type in champix and that should gather loads of information.

Stick with things though and keep us updated. Who the near future you could become a non smoker and be adding excellent advise about Champix. That's how this forum works...all members leave indelible marks which in turn adds to the vast knowledge available here :cool:

Keep on keepin' on,



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