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No Smoking Day
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Day 3

Ok so this is my 3rd day on my 21mg patches. havent had one cig, although i have been tempted but i stayed strong, started thinking of it more of an addiction than just a cig. been jogging yesterday and today, to keep myself busy on an evening, organised tomoro aswel with a work mate but i think iv pulled every muscle possible in my left leg lol! ran a mile in 20 minutes last night, and halfed the time today!! felt abit nakerd like!! is having a jog then a chinese after sort of killing the whole point of jogging?? haha!

But yeah, slowly getting out of the routine of smoking, eg after meals, after shopping, while driving, etc etc and the chewing gum and boiled sweets are helping aswel!

Woop go me!! lol

Hoping tomoro is better than today, even though today wasnt that bad!

wohoo getting there! xx:)

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well done cat so pleased for you, you sound as if you are in control-well done you!!

(p.s im sooo pleased you took my advice on facebook to use this forum as it was a massive help for me-and im well over a year into my quit-and dont miss them xxx)


Im really impressed actually, i never thought something like this would help but i look forward to posting how iv done n the messages i get back are encouraging!! so thank you!! bloody hard to believe i went out with your son!! haha!

How did you quit? what did you use?

Cat xx


hi cat-firstly you had a lucky escape with my buggerlugs son-must be a forum for that-hehe:p

i quit using gum for the first three months, then stopped and just used 'normal' gum-worked for me, but everyones different xxx

well done babes-keep it up xx;)


Three days done and dusted......how brilliant is that? You sound sooooooo determined. This determination will help you in your quit. :)


get through the first 3-4 days is usually your first objective, your doing good so far .. so i hope tomorrow you can also cope well with.

Good luck.. keep it up ;)


Great job on getting through the first 3 days!! Well done! First 3 days are the toughest and you did it! Keep it up okay!

hi cat-firstly you had a lucky escape with my buggerlugs son

I imagine you did have a lucky escape............ imagine Shabby as mother-in-law :eek::eek::eek::eek:


Hi Cat :)

Well done on day 3 just hang in there

It gets a little easier everyday even if it doesn't feel like it right now


Marg xxxxxx


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