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Week Ten for me

Hi all , well on week ten today, time has gone quite fast really, no longer on the patches, my family no longer ask me if I am still not smoking I have to remind my husband if I think he is being a little insenitive that I am trying to stop smoking, he answers oh I forgot.

So here to another ten weeks. I hope everyone is doing ok, and to say each week that goes by it does get easier.

Love Joan xxxx

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Magic! Reaching 10 weeks is no mean feat. But, then again, I'll never forget that reaching Day 4 was no mean feat. :D


Hey congratulations on 10 weeks well done you xxxxxxxx


wow look at you week 10 how fab is that. well done i'm just heading for a calender month (end of this wk) so really looking forward to where u r.


I think its a pity folk didn't have a better understanding of addiction so they may better know what the person they care about it going through.

Folk do forget.. but folk who've tried to quit or have already quit for a long time know precisely how much a triumph it is for you.

Well done on the week 10!!! and even more important.. on being patch free.


Congratulations on reaching 10 weeks! You are doing really well! Your husband may not always appreciate what you are going through....... but we certainly do! So if ya need to vent post on here and we'll send you some love and encouragement ;) xxx


Hi Joan :D

Huge well done to you on week ten that's great also well done being patch free as well


Marg xxxxxxx


Well done on 10 weeks quit Joan :)

You sound as if your doing really well with your quit keep up the good work.


I think the fact that your hubby has "forgot" is a good thing sometimes, it means he is being himself again around you even if that means he is being a little insensative sometimes, thats just men for you. You are obviously doing really really well, I cant wait till I can get to week 10, just getting to week 3 has been a mountain. I also think that people are now looking at you as a non smoker which is great as you are a non smoker. Keep going as you are and you will soon telling us your at 20 weeks.



Hi Joan Hun

Soooooooo Sorry I missed this yesterday 10 week already thats fab your doing great. If hubby forgot you must be doing really well. Onward to 3 months.xxxxxxxx


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