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Champix Day 4

Hiya everyone:)

Well it's day 4 for me on the pills and i have a slight sneaky feeling that they are beginning to work. I can still smoke the darn 'coffin nails' but i am starting to feel a slight sicky feeling after i've had one:), i'm hoping this is a good sign!

Yesterday i smoked even more of the blighters, and last night it did cross my mind that the Champix wasn't going to work for me:( but i think i'm trying to run before i can to speak...i need to learn not push it.

I do hope everyone is doing well with whatever stage your at.

Lilac x

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Well done Lilac

Your right dont get impatient and that slightly sicky feeling will turn into a real uck soon enough and you will just give up. But then your real work will start so get your mind focussed now and read, read and then read some more.



Thank you Caroline for your encourgement:).

Your right it's gonna get harder especially on my quit date (6th Oct) and there after, but i have written down my reasons for wanting to quit while still taking the Champix and still smoking so i have a contant reminder of why i want to do this.

You are so right about the reading to, it really does help.

Lilac x


Hi there ,

Update using champix its now day 8 of using Champix so now on the double dose , i quit smoking 4 days earlier then my stop date and have not found it too difficult its just dealing with those usual ciggie times by breaking the habit .

I have had more issues related to the Champix then the withdrawel symptoms , i keep coming out in rashes and my skin itches really bad and now i have to start the double dose today although i might break them in half and stick to what i was doing .

Lilac keep on going hun don't give up it will be worth it in the end .


Stop date 3rd Oct - actually stopped 28th Sept .


Hey Lilac

Had the exact same worries. I actually upped the smoking on the days running up to my quit date and had managed to convince myself that the horrible taste was going away! Turns out that was just the addiction working on me - it was panicking!!!

Hang in there - don't pressure yourself - trust that its working and good luck!!!


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