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Just popped back after Boud's email!

Hi folks.

thought I better pop back after receiving Boud's email. (How are ya Boud?)

Well its been over 2 years now since my quit and for the last 4 months I've been slimming (Slimming world, highly recommended) and working out in the gym and on the bike. I'm lighter and fitter than I've ever been since school days (and I'm 48 now). I really feel good. What a fantastic decision I made back in July 07. Good luck to you all and keep it up!

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Hi Jacque

Thanks for popping back and sharing your experience.Huge congratulations on 2 years quit thats tremendous and on your fitness,you sound like a new person :)

What a great decision you made way back then at that airport probably one of the best decisions of your life.


Cor blimey, blast from the past. Well done Jacque.


Hello Jacque! It's been a long time!

We really are veterens now aren't we!

Glad that you have stayed strong with us.;)




names i remember!! barney, suppervillian .............

i havnt been on here for a long time. but i will never forget the help i got from this site. i couldnt have done it without the support of you guys.

i now surf a diet site, as i put on 10lb but that is not bad. anyway hope you guys are ok and still fag free.

take care

Sandie xxx


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