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Day 10-cant believe it

Morning everyone, well as the title says today is day 10, its been a long time since i did this well, i suppose its down to determination.

I did look at a lot of the stuff on nicotene anonymous, and there is some really helpfull stuff on there, along with why quit, which is a fantastic site, although really chuffed, i am not complacent, and am very aware of the dangers still, i have hardly touched a drop of alcohol during the 10 days, as that is where i have always fallen flat on my backside before.

It feels really good, and im so proud of myself, mo oh is still off the weed as well, which really helps, bouncing off each other and supporting each other.

One thing that makes me laugh, is the number of people who smoke, i was wandering around in camden the other day, and literally every other person was smoking, which meant lots of face fulls of horrible smoke!!

I am still on the patches, but keen to get off them as quickly as possible, so i have got four large patches left, then a week of medium patches, then a week of diddy little ones, then i will be stopping them.

Hope everyone els is doing well!!!

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Well done baz and well done oh too, great feeling isn't it? Im on day 11 and whenever Im out and about and I see someone smoking I feel like running up to them and slapping their faces. So im turning into what I hated, an X smoker, a smug X smoker even.

Keep it up Caroline


Hi Baz :D

Double figures is a good milestone to reach well done and pleased to hear you're proud of yourself also well done to OH as well


Marg xx


**** Well done getting to day-10 ****

Be proud of every achievement you make, every day you don't smoke is a big achievement, but reaching day 10.. 2 weeks, 3 weeks, month and beyond that.. celebrate them all!


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