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2nd Day On Champix

Good morning all:)

I have just taken my 2nd pill and so far so good. I'm still smoking but yesterday i did feel as tho i didn't smoke as much, although i'd like to think it was the Champix i really don't it was, i just kept busy.

I plan to go out every day for an hour or two as i find if i'm outside of the house i don't smoke as much.

Good luck to all of you that are walking the same path...WE CAN DO IT!



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Hi Lilac

Dont push it as it will come by itself, and well done for making day 2

Keep on trucking Caroline


Hi Lilac :D

Well done day 2 of champix and already not smokinf as much is great

As Caroline says though don't push it the champix will kick in anytime after about 7/8 days just be patient and let it do it's job




Thank you all for your replies:) your support is invaluble.

At present the only difficulty i'm having is getting breakfast down my neck, i'm so not use to it:rolleyes:, but know i need to eat before taking the Champix.

Lilac x


2 nd day getting there

i am on my second day of champix, i have had no side effects as yet, apart from i cant stop eating,;),

i am still smoking but i have noticed i smoke a lot less, personally i do not think it is the champix as yet as it takes time to kick in, but any small advances is a step in the right direction, considering i smoked 30 a day for 17 yrs:eek: i wish everyone who is in the same boat good luck and keep with it


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