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No Smoking Day
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D5 = ouch hard so far

I keep telling myself no! but this is my worst day so far, If there were any around i would have a death stix:(

Didn't sleep much last night, only 2 -3 hours broken, so not a happy bunny today, doesnt help when my dear wife gave up 8 weeks ago, an just keeps saying 'O its easy anyone can do it' ye what ever!!:mad:

Should be going to a cricket dinner tonight, have now cancelled because i know i'll end up smoking again.

Well thats enough wading in self pitty, back to work, tomorrow is another day.:rolleyes:

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Breathe deeply, now dont despair I had 2 really bad days this week but the next 2were great and today is fine so 3 good & 2 bad and I coped. Your wife is wrong its not easy and it will be up and down all the way but you have gone through a bad patch and survived so take each day hour and minute as it comes and be a survivour.

with you all the way Caroline


Well done, you are doing so well.

Your quit may not be the same as your wifes so don't measure yours with hers. You could do some reading about nicotine addiction in the websites at the bottom of some of our signatures, there you will find help to understand what you are going through.

Good luck, you can do it.



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