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No Smoking Day
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yes im into week 2

Hi everyone

Im now into week 2, 8 days and no smoking. The last two days have been horrendous, so to all those behind me stay with it because today Ive woke up feeling great. I used to think about fags all the time but now its only fleeting and I used to grab my Champix first thing never mind food or water but now I nearly forgot to take it today. Tomorrow may be different but I feel soooo good today. How are you Rob???


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Congratulations, you have had a few bad days and it does get easier. But really well done on reaching week 2. You are only a couple of days behind me we are on day 11.

You will still get moments when you could quite happily kill someone and the cravings do get less either that or you just dont notice them as much.

Keep going your doing really well.

Have a good rest of the day.

Morning to all you other quitters as well. :D


Hi Caroline :D

Great you're into week two well done you Big Hug

Sorry you've had an horrendous couple of days but you now know you can cope with them and if anymore rear their heads they won't seem as bad because you know you can deal with it

I'm really pleased you feel so good today


Marg xxx


Congrats on making the first week Caroline :D

Given as how we've been on matching each others moods in our quits so far, how do you think I feel today? Yep, that's right, pretty good :D

I'm proud of you Caroline, you did really well last week :)



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