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No Smoking Day
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Is the kettle on

Hello Month 1 good to be here, this is the furthest i have ever travelled up this ladder to the penthouse so feeling really proud of myself. Still having the odd moment when i think "oh sod this i'm going to have a cig" and it passes just as quickly as it came.

Walking the dog 5 days a week, and i had my hair and nails done today, so i look good (well better).

I know i could never have got this far without the help of ALL OF YOU, and i want to send out my love and hugs to everyone who has ever replied to my moans, complaints, rambles it really does help to know that you are there listening and caring so a huge THANK YOU

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WOO! WOO! (That's the sound of the train dropping you off on Week 4 platform)

Feels good to be here doesn't it? There's times I've had that "sod it I'll have a ciggie moment"

And for weeks I've felt rubbish. It's only been the last couple of days that I've felt like myself again because to be honest I've been a grumpy old cow for the first 3 weeks (my bf will vouch for that ha)

So here we are Bev. Onwards and upwards for us. The penthouse awaits our sparkle and glamour....

PP xx


Hi Bev congratulations on 1 month quit and also reaching your personel best :)

Keep on moaning if it helps you lol.

Good luck and here's to many,many more months ahead quit.


Well done Bev, your personal best is great.

I wish you many more on your journey to freedom.




WELL DONE BEV! You are a star like everybody else here. I can't believe I have nearly done a month this time. I went swimming for the first time in years today and felt fantastic but really craved a ciggie afterwards:eek:

However, thank god for the gum, It really does the trick for me.

Hope everyone is well, Best wishes



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