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Day 5


I couldn't sleep last night. Been having severe chest pains. Went to the doctor yesterday to be told that it is probably muscular and not to worry. Unless I develop a cronic cough or the pain does not go away then I should be ok. I am terribly worried. I keep thinking the worse - I started coughing this morning. Had a very small red dot (very very small). Now I am in panic mode... Is this normal when you quit to cough up sputum after quitting for 5 days? I am freaking out and do not know what to do anymore... I am so scared!!!

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Hi Sasha :)

Well done on day 5 that's great soon be a week for you now

Sorry about the chest pain but you did right to see the Dr to set your mind at rest this does happen to some of us the coughing up is also normal for lots of us and is just the lungs clearing themselves of the gunge caused by smoking

Don't be scared about this as I said it's normal at this stage but if you're really worried go back to the Dr in a day or so


Marg xxxxx

having a moment

Not sure why right this moment but I have been craving a smoke. It's raining outside, it is dark, I feel like crap, my baby is napping and all I want to do is go outside for a smoke. How pathetic is that. Of course I will not as I do not want to go through all of this ever ever again... It's just not worth it... Just needed to share as I find it helpful to talk about what is going on...

Sasha breathe and relax over and over again, this moment will pass, your obviously tired as you didnt sleep well last night. were all here willing you on. Read the chicken run thread and contribute it'll take your mind off it and give you a laugh.

Love Caroline

it passed

It did indeep pass - did some post reading and it helped. Going back to the doctor today... need to ease my mind

Hi sasha

I wish I saw this post yesterday as I hope I could help with a little advice.

Firstly, a huge well done for kicking the habit!! Its the biggest step I think we can take.

I'm not trying to bore anyone with my story but I hope that I can save you months of sleepless nights and worry.;) I started having chest pains in January this year. Panic mode set in, smoker, not all that healthy, what have I given myself?? Lung Cancer, heart disease? My doctor told me that it was muscular and I should take it easy and try some Ibuprofen. I was convinced they were wrong as this didn't feel like a muscular pain at all. Anyway, 9 months down the line, I have been through panic attacks, become obsessed with checking my heart rate, had ECG's, chest XRay's, CT Scans and countless bloodtests to resign myself to the fact that the doctor was right 9 months ago and yes, it probably is muscular, and its taking its time to go.

Please, please don't worry like I have, this has ruined my life this year and if I had listened to the doc in January I would have been my normal self. Instead, I am a paranoid wreck who is now trying to get back to normal and accept I AM HEALTHY!!

I quit on Sunday (19th Sept) and I too am coughing up a wonderful rainbow of rubbish from my lungs. My doc says it is quite normal for them to be clearing themselves of the rubbish we have fed them over the years. Be prepared for this to last for anything from a week to months!! Unless you have an alarming amount of blood, take heart in the fact that your body is healing. A cough will irritate your throat and could cause the tiny amount of blood.

Please don't worry and if you have any questions, or just need an ear, please PM me or let me know.

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