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Double Figures

Day 10, yep thats double figures get me!

Still not managing to sleep very well even though I have stopped putting the patches on at night, dreams are still very real and for some reason I just cannot get out of bed in a morning.

Feel like me and OH are drifting apart - weird I know, I know that cigarettes werent the reason why we were together in the first place. But at the moment lately it feels like we dont want to say anything to each other in case we upset one another so now its one of us watching tv whilst the other is on the computer. We keep giving each other a hug but thats it if you know what I mean. I dont feel sexy anymore cos I know I have put some weight on cos I stopped going slimming world whilst I concentrated on quitting. I fully intend to go back again next week but after having a really really close and loving relationship there is nothing, we always went bed together now he doesnt come bed till I am asleep. Maybe I am looking too much into it I dont know, I did try and talk to him last night but he said there was nothing wrong and then went on the computer.

BUT i do know that my problems are rather small compared to others on here and it does make me thankful every day for eveything that I have.

Sorry to moan on, just needed to get it off my chest and I know that you lovely people will listen.

Apart from that, I am o.k. feeling good. Hope everyone has a good day and another day of quitting.


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Know how you feel I would rather smash his face in than give him a kiss



Hi Younme :)

Double figures well done to you both that's a lovely milestone to reach

Disturbed sleep is normal but it passes

I'm sad to read that you feel that you and OH are drifting apart I think this is probably down to the quit in as much as you both have to adjust to not smoking and your bodies need time to heal as well I feel sure it will all return to normal fairly soon and you'll be as close as before and maybe even closer

just keep right on hugging each other it shows you care about each other and how the other is feeling


Marg xxxxxxx


Well done you will never have single figures again. I also used patches but I always took them off at night because they gave me bad dreams, I managed fine like that. I am sure the others are right when they say your relationship will be fine.

Wishing you both lots of love and happiness.



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