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Smooth operator

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to say that if you buy anything with your money saved from not smoking. Get a smoothie blender machine thing. I've had one languishing at the back of my cupboard for yonks.

Anyhoo.....after years of smoking and therefore not really eating breakfast, I have found trying to force myself to eat something in the morning the last few weeks a bit of a struggle so today thought I would dig my old machine out......

a few strawberries

a muller light vanilla yoghurt

a dash of milk


absolutely scrumdiddlydumtious!!!

P.S for anyone who has now acquired a sweet tooth as a non smoker....muller yoghurt with vanilla has a new one with dark chocolate pieces in it...OMG yum!!!

Am currently swapping yoghurts for my digestive caramels as the evil biscuit demons have started to add extra bits to my thighs and bottom that were definately not there before.

PP xx (chunkier but healthier, ha!)

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Mmmmm - sounds delish. You could always crumble a digestive caramel on to the top of your smoothie - or is that one step too far? :D:D


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