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Swings & Roundabouts

Hi all

Day 6 and its been a funny 24hrs. I went to see my no smoking nurse yesterday and I was ZERO on the CO's in my lungs and I was sooo happy but my husband was away on business and nobody else was answering their phones so I got a bit annoyed. Then I babysat 3 grandchildren, 2 of which are under 2 and within 5 minutes of arriving at my house it looked like a whirlwind had struck. By 7.30pm when they had gone I was feeling fed up and no hubby to moan at. I poured a glass of wine and sat among the chaos desperate for a fag. Ive done some hard things in my life but not having that fag was the hardest.

This morning I woke up by myself having had another hot flush night and still felt down, Ive seen to my horses and walked the dogs and the mood is lightening by the minute. It helps to write it down so forgive me for rambling, but hubbies home tonight so he can get it in the neck instead.

cheers Caroline

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Hi Caroline,

Congrats, its nearly a week up! I know how you are feeling, I think its something about the sixth day. I had a really bad night last night as well, and like you I've felt pretty desperate for one lately.

Right now, the best I can offer is that I'm still sure this is worth it, and although we will have some bad days, don't forget about the good days either! Because as bad as last night and today might be, don't forget that we both felt great at the weekend, so it balances out :)



Hi Caroline :D

Almost a week for you now well done

Sorry you had a tough day yesterday but you beat the need to smoke and that's great

Glad to hear that today is improving for you though

Don't apologose for having a moan on here it's what we're here for so have a moan whenever you need and we'll help if we can


Marg xxxxx


Its definitely worth sticking it out, these feelings you got right now are not permanent, and generally fade quite quickly. Depends on what life is throwing at you too mind you, if you have some heavy 'trigger' moments occuring (eg stress of looking after 2 year olds) then you may feel it a bit more.

Stress however is perfectly normal, and it takes a bit of adjustment getting used to not sparking up afterwards. I guess this is one of the occasions where you considered smoking a reward, when what you really are rewarding yourself with now is good health but a chance for a breather instead.

Subtle difference, but this way won't kill you.

Keep going though, even if it does seem a bit :eek::eek: right now.


Thanks Jase

Just booked to have my hair done this lunchtime and I will buy more curlywurlies



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