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No Smoking Day
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Start of Week 4 - Another dilemma

Hi everyone,

Just to let you all know that I am now on day 1 of Week 4!! Haven't been posting of late as I've been really busy but the last few days have passed by and I've hardly thought of smoking and the cravings are getting less and less.

Am on the patches but thinking of going CT. Bit dubious as I know they have really helped me so far. Have started taking them off at night as of last night and this morning had a huge row with the bf and felt really teary all day. Could this be to do with my body suddenly having no nicotine after a constant suppy for 3 weeks?? Have got a patch on now btw.

Hope you're all fine and smoke free

PP xx

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Hi PP :D

Well done you at the start of week 4 that's great Big Hug and pleased to hear the cravings are much less now for you

I don't know much about patches just what I've learnt on here but I think mayne you should stay on them for a bit longer but someone else will be along for sure with some good advice about it

I don't think you feel tearful because you left the patch off last night ir's normal for lots of us to be tearful and emotional this early in a quit


Marg xxxxxxx



Emotions can be all over the place - it's amazing how nicotine affects your body - or maybe that should be the lack of nicotine.

I'd follow the routine for the patches - it is a tried and tested programme. Better to be on the patches, and smoke free, than put in harms way.

Hope things get better for you!


I would love to say 'go for it!', but I believe that if you start a quit method you should really follow the plan, not invent the rules as you go. I think you would be far far better considering the CT once you've dropped down the patch sizes in several weeks time.. it will better prepare you, and it will just mean a much greater chance of success.

One thing i've learned for sure.. don't jeopardise your quit.. not for nothing, not for anyone.

Anyway, even after you drop down to the last step of patches and come off them you will still be really tetchy for 3 or 4 days or so anyway, just alot less than you would if you suddenly dropped off the plan.

Its risky, despite the lures.


Morning all,

Well it's now Day 22 and I've survived another day. After your sound advice peeps I am sticking with the patches. This is the longest I have ever been quit for and I want to make sure that this time it's for good. They really do help me as even though I'm getting nicotine into my body; I've almost forgotten about times when I would usually have a cigarette. Also, am still not drinking .....and i run a pub.....now that's resistance! ha ha.

My quit seems to be having an effect on the guys at work. Our head chef says he is going to quit and so have a couple of the younger chefs and waiters. I think it's probably because I have always been seen as a die hard smoker and now they're kind of thinking, "Well if she can do it......"

Sadly the bf hasn't stopped yet but he's cut down. I'm not giving him any grief for it though. He'll quit when the time is right for him. If he wants to smoke then he goes out into the garden where I can't see him. The pair of us used to smoke in the house and now the house smells lovely and fresh when I walk in. It's great!!

Am still waiting for the burst of energy. Haven't managed to drag my a$$ to the gym yet....but I can feel it. That day is coming.

Have an awesome smoke free day

PP xx



Hello Penguinpower! well done on day 22, I am on day 22 too!

You are doing really well. It is suprising how it encourages others around you to quit smokes or start considering it at least. No drinking:eek:

That's a hard one! although after a tesco value beer last night I think I might as well quit as it was like non-alcoholic beer!

I can't give up the nicorette gum yet and I am not really too worried I am still chewing it so don't put pressure on yourself about still using patches, it is a safety net to not smoke again.

I think we are all stars, hope everyone is well and have a great day everyone.

Best wishes,



Well done with your quit. I also used patches, I smoked around 10 a day prior to stopping so I started on a lower dose of patch then onto the smallest one. I stopped a few days into the small one and was fine, noticed a bit but nothing major. Lots of people have gone right down to the smaller dose patch then even cut them up so that they really didn't notice when they stopped. I also felt dubious about using patches, why would we take nicotine to get off nicotine? Well what I found was the patches helped me while I got my head around not picking up a cigarette and not having one at all the usual times, then I came off the nicotine.

Good luck.



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