No Smoking Day
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Day 19

Just to let you all know i am quietly getting through week 3, i am having my moments but so far so good. took your advice and had no wine on Friday and saturday but did have some last night.

Went and treated myself to some new clothes yesterday and i am having my hair done tomorrow, so hopefully i will start to feel a little better after all that, not that i am feeling bad, just still a little down and waiting for the up.

Good luck everybody for the coming week and hope you all have a good one.

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not so quiet that i didn't notice your post though bev :) well done so far here, i know this week is important for you to get past, and you will do so.

The visit to the hairstylist will be good as everyone feels great after they've had their hair cut / shaped etc.

Don't worry about any down moments right now, nothing stays as they are forever, just keep making positive strides in your quit and the well being feeling will hit you soon enough.

Good luck for today.. tomorrow and the day after, and by then you'll have done your 3rd week.. that'll feel good in itself.

So well done so far bev. Take care.



Dear Bev

A little tip, sit down and relax, close your eyes and open your right hand upwards. In that palm put yourself as you see yourself in 11 months & 1 week of not smoking, by then you will be glowing, fit, healthy and a lot more wealthy. Now close your palm and hold the dream.

In your left palm put the smoker in 11 months & 1 week, you know what you will look like and it could be even worse than you think. close your palm

Now whenever you feel down, hold your right hand to your heart and let the image in your left palm fly away. Try it it works

I also wrote on this site reasons for quitting, when Im feeling a bit down I re-read these reasons and they give me a boost.

Your also from Yorkshire and we Tykes dont give up without a big fight

Love Caroline


Hi Bev :D

Well done 19 days is great keep going the only way is up for you now


Marg xxxxxx


well done bev - doing great - sounds liek you got it more undercontrol now than ever :)


Go Bev.... treating yourself with the extra cash really makes it all worthwhile. See you in Week 4 soon

PP xx


Hi Bev

Quietly getting on with it is perfect - well done. Tip toe through the days, no big drama. Enjoy the pampering and remember that you woudn't be able to afford these little luxuries if you hadn't been so brilliant!

Well done Bev!


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