No Smoking Day
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Week 2, I cant believe I have made it thus far without us killing each other. OH has been very patient way more than I ever thought possible. He said its cos he knows I am struggling so he wants to be supportive to me bless.

Was dreading the weekend, but kept my self busy and yesterday I baked most of the day which went down a storm last night with everyone.

I actually dont want a cigarette, funny cos I thought that if someone offered me one I would say yes, but went to my mums yesterday and she doesnt know I have given up and as usual she sparked up and gave me the packet, I didnt hesitate just said no thanks, didnt stop me smelling her cigarette though. So that was one hurdle overcome. Doesnt stop me craving though.

I still know that there is a long way to go, but I have perked up this weekend which can only be a good thing.

Hope everyone else is doing o.k. - have a good day everyone :)

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Well done you, sounds like you had a great weekend, baking and not smoking weekends don't get much better.:D

So does your mum know you have stopped now? i hope she is very proud if she does. Sounds like you and OH have sorted out those early problems and are supporting each other through this and that makes life so much easier all round.

Week two is wonderful and enjoy your time here and before you know it week 3 will be on ya.

Well done again, and hope you have a great day.


Week 1 outa the way... and now it in week 2 :) I hope you get as good a week 2 as i got, i hardly noticed it... so if you get the same will soon see you on your 3rd week :)

I think although the trip to your mums can be therapeutic to your quit, just be cautious and more headstrong while there. Pretty much any time where you see the things.. put your guard up, especially these initial weeks.

You're doing great, but keep going now, the first tricky week is out of the way, so heres hoping for some good weeks ahead.



Hi Younme :D

Well done getting to week 2 that's great Big Hug

Glad you OH is so good at supporting you and well done getting through the weekend which I know you were dreading and bet the family loved the baking you did

Also well done beating the trigger at you Mums keep it going


Marg xxxxx


thanks everyone for your kindness and support.

Cakes are on me - oh and bread and fruit crumble - theres plenty to go round I made enough to feed an army!



If an army marches on its stomach, why do they need boots?

Pass some of that bread n crumble my way.. sounds great :)


I'll have a slice of Coffee cake please mmmmmmmmmmmmm


Cakes and crumble -Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Yes Please! :D I discovered tonight I have a fridge full of carrots - I thought about making soup, but then carrot cake is sooo nice.... :D

Well done for getting into week 2 - you are doing great.:D


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