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75 days & £225 in my tin!!

Hi All

Not been around much, but still doing o.k.

Don't think much about fags, perhaps crave one a couple of times a week, but the feeling is fleeting.

Certainly gone through a couple of the major life stressors which could have seen me reaching for the fags......I think I've been hit with the stressors all at once as a test of my resolve!!!! Pleased to report that I've passed with flying colours. To be honest, been so busy being traumatised and stressed that my brain hasn't had time to even think about smoking a fag!!

I had to count how many days since I quit on the calendar. Well, it's a nice round figure of 75 & as I've been putting £3 per day in a money tin (or, rather, my O.H. has on my behalf!), I now have £225 saved! How magic is that? :)

Hope everyone is doing just fine. :)

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Congratulations on your 75 days that's nearly 11 weeks, brilliant. It feels good when we get through stress without the dreaded fags doesn't it?

Wishing you many more smoke-free weeks.




Hi and thanks for posting. Great to see your still going strong with your quit too :)

Your 3 or 4 days ahead of me in your quit I think, but i know what you mean about needing the calendar to count it up now.. i lost count weeks back, and have to call up my windows xp calendar now to see for sure :)

So congratulations on the 75 day marker, another 25 to go now til your 100th day :)

whoohoo :)


Wow - all that money! That is fantastic - I really hope you are going to do something nice with it!:D



Hi Zolat :D

75 days smoke free that's great well done

In spite of the stress life has thrown your way you continue smoke free



Marg xxxxxx


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