Day 4

Hi all

Its day 4 and alls well, my dear hubby has been treating me non stop in the hope that I wont smoke again. In the last 24 hours I have had a diamond ring, a pair of leather boots and a cashmere dress to go with them, he has also booked a table for lunch at a posh pub.

What he dosent realise is that I wont smoke because I dont want to, but Shall I let on to him or let him keep treating me!!!!!


3 Replies

  • Hi Caroline :D

    Well done you on 4 days smoke free

    Also well done to your OH for supporting you so well


    Marg xxxx

  • Hi Chrissie :D

    Thanks for doing that for me frustrating sometimes for me with You Tube


    Marg xxxxx

  • Hi Caroline

    Oh how lovely to be treated like that! :D

    The great thing is - you deserve it - take it all - and enjoy!:D

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