No Smoking Day
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loving it!!

Well made it to day 3 with no problems, its all going well, and cravings have pretty much been non existant.i've been at work doing 12 hour shifts so time goes pretty quick,and i just dont really get a chance to think about smoking.

been going down the gym again, havnt been for a couple of months really, which has been great, the only disadvantage was the patch almost coming in the shower, which was quickly fixed with some tubigrip pulled over it for about an hour!!

The oh is doing well as well, but she has got the worst chest infection which has really helped her not to smoke.

Thanks a lot for the replies and feedback-it really helped

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Well done on the thusfar :)

Taking each and every day as it comes and feeling proud of each day as you chalk it up as a successful day of being quit is a great thing, glad things are going well for you both but i hope your OH gets well soon nonetheless.



well done baz - glad your finding it ok, thats great.

remember to try and keep yourself busy today if your not at work.

Can always come and post on here if you need to at all.


Hi Baz :D

So glad to hear you're at day 3 and no problems or craves

Sorry to hear that your OH has a chest infection though and hope she soon feels better again

Keep going it just keeps getting better and better


Marg xxxx


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