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No Smoking Day
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Day 12 Without Nicotine

Hi there,

Sorry for not posting recently I have been very busy, the past few days have been good, no cravings, I think I am at that stage now where I don't even think about fags no more. Went to college on tuesday and thursday, told the people I would normally go outside for a smoke with that I quit, they all said well done which made me feel good :) Now I just get a cup of tea and go back up to the classroom, I can still stand around smokers(at a bit of a distance because of the smell) and I have no urge to smoke.

Went to the gym on wednesday and did an hour of boxercise but not with our normal instructor, we had to have the instructor who is like a drill sargernt, even today I feel achey, but I no the exercise is keeping me healthy and in better shape than I was :)

I hope everyone else is doing well, I will try to post on other people's quits aswell and give some support when needed. The benefits of quitting surely outweighs any benefits (if any) of smoking :

[*]Feel 10 times better

[*]I can run around and not be out of breath

[*]Your sex drive increases (and things are more firm ;) )

[*]You find better ways to cope with stress

[*]I sleep so much better and don't wake up with a cough

[*]You have bags more energy to do things

[*]All that extra cash to spend on better things

Thanks to everyone who is supporting me I am very grateful :)


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The best thing is it will be getting even better for you yet. It amazes me how we allowed ourselves to let go of all these lovely things over the years.. but we somehow justified it. Crazy when you think about it isn't it?

Congrats on getting to day 12.. keep going, keep succeeding.. and keep on enjoying the actual quitting too.


Hi Oli :D

Well done on day 12 that's great Big Hug

Glad you feel good about it and already feeling the benefits but it gets even better yet Promise


Marg xxx


hey oli,

glad its going well. you sound like youve pretty much cracked it now.

yep much agreed that the benefits of quitting are incredible and get better as the days go by.

keep it up! :D



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