No Smoking Day
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Hello Month 3!

I am a bit late getting here - I have been busy spending all the money I have saved in not buying ciggies! Had a great 3 days in London (read all about it in the Day One folder!), but now I am back.

I see the biscuits are all gone - I'll make some more tomorrow - and get some proper coffee! :D Joan likes red wine, so I'll get some of that too - any thing else whilst I'm out shopping?

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Well done on Three months! Me too he he - long may we both be smoke free!:D


I'll be moving in after 11pm today, busy packing at the moment.

When you shopping Coaltyt, please could you get me a hot water bottle as the nights are getting cold now and I'm not sure what the heating is like in Month 3.

Once I get settled in tomorrow, promise to update my progress so far.

Well, these cases won't pack themselves. TTFN



hey coatt -

glad you had a good time in london. congratuulllationnns on 3 months. :D


Hi Coaltyt, Writerchris and Trisha :D :D :D

CONGRATULATIONS and well done all of you reaching the 3 month milestone or 1/4 of a year


Marg xxxxxxxx


ooooh 1/4 of a year sounds GOOD


17 cream do-nuts for me please :)

and welcome :) and congrats :)


oh yeah and jaffa cakes plz! ;)


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