No Smoking Day
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Well Here it is

Hello all

Today is the day.

6 Calender months.

There have been 2 wobbles, for want of a better word. I cant really say not 1 puff since 17/3/09, in fact there have been 2 puffs. Only when been out with my smoking mates and only after a very large amount of beer. And only the 2 puffs not a 2 full cigarettes. I havent counted these unthinking

I have never given up smoking for this amount of time. Sometimes been good and somtimes been hard work.

But here I am half a year. So far So good

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Congratulations Maverick on reaching 6 months quit :)

Its all downhill to the penthouse now.


Hi Maverick,

6 Months is a great milestone to reach, well done mate.



Fab News!


well done for reaching 6 months!!!!!!

Really pleased for you, congrats x


6 months :) half a year... sounds good that.. well done on this!!!

I'm not sure how i'd react now if my mates offered me a smoke when out on a drink night.. no idea at all, but i'm convinced i'd probably say no all the way. I won't be a typical ex-smoker to them, they can smoke if they want, i'm just not wanting to be back in that habit again so i'll continue to say no to them.

With so much temptation and subliminal triggers going on tho sometimes its difficult.

6 months is a long time to go though.. only a few minor blips.. but you must keep it to those 2 now, you know where your danger points are mav, just don't succumb to the dark side when you go out on a similar night if poss.

Well done again! nice one!


Maverick - half a year - bet that sounds good! :D

congratulations - thats a massive achievement. Bet you never thought you could do it but you have.


Maverick, Congratulation on your 6 month milestone! Half a year is fantastic! Keep going strong!


A great big Well Done on 6 months.

Wishing you many more.



Hi Maverick :D


on your 6 months quit that's fantastic and you're 1/2 way to the Penthouse

Have a drink on me


Marg xxxxxxx


Hey Maverick,

Fabulous, brilliant and utterly fantastic. 6 months is so significant, well done mate.



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