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Day 14!!!!!!

Yay day 14!, Im here and am pleased to say yesterday was a day where I hardly had any "thoughts" of smoking (can't comment on today as its a bit early). So glad I made the decision to quit, lot brighter now, although I still have my guard up as I don't feel safe yet!.

It makes it even more worthwhile and determined never to go back there again when my kids are counting down with me and told me this morning "Mummy you haven't had a cigarette for 14 days now" !!!! How proud am I!!!

Anyway with the money that I have saved I am treating them to the cinema Saturday...!!!!!!!!

Hope your all well!!

Fay x

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Sorry i missed your post this morning, i've been ran ragged here..

no you do well to keep your guard up and even more so over the next week. You are doing really well so far here, and what a lovely reminder of how far you've come to have your kids telling you, i'd be really proud if my daughter did that but as she's only 2 i'll let her off :)

Enjoy that cinema trip, that will be alot of fun i'm certain :)

get week 3 out of the way though, and take stock after that.. i know some folk report awkward week 3's so keep your guard up.. and take each day as it comes.. you will notice some lovely differences soon which give you a really nice natural feeling of wellbeing, and once you sample that, you'll want more.

Well done on the thusfar, and good luck for the coming weeks.



Well done, isn't it lovely how much your children are enjoying the new you.

Keep up the good work and enjoy your time at the weekend with the children.



Hi Fay :D

2 weeks alreay that's great Big Hug, you have every right to be proud of yourself

Enjoy the cinema with the children on Saturday you've certainly earned it




Thanks guys, had another good day today, just making the most of all the positives I have as I know "one of them days" are never too far away!

Looking forward to getting week 3 out of the way Jase, I can vaguley remember it being a bit of a tough week from my previous quit, but hey ho, I will worry about that if and when it happens at the minute I am happy that I have found a life that does not involve cigarettes!!

I love reading all of the threads where everyone is further on than me, it gives me inspiration to keep moving forward, you are all doing fantastically!

I am seeing my NHS Help to Quit lady on Tuesday and can't wait to tell her that im still hanging in there!

Fay x


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