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white wine hell

ok i know i'm not going to smoke tonight cause i don't have any, but i'm slightly squiffy and know if i could i would, so how the hell do i get past this? and how do i deal with the morning when i know i will still want 1 at least 4 a while?

I just wish i would feel better in some way, some small way, don't feel stronger, better, healthier, ok so now we r into the poor me, i will disappear into bed, goodnight and God Bless.

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My guess is.. your guard is lowered tonight, a good nights sleep and a dose of common sense in the morning should sort you right out.

Bev, there isn't two ways of saying this, but you really need to reign in the getting 'squiffy' for a bit i would say.. its not doing the early part of your quit any good at all. Noone is sayin you need to live like a nun forever Bev, but your chance of success would be far far higher if you detox a little bit on the wine. Wine is the flaw in your armour right now, you know it, you've said it.. and i really think if you just went a few or so weeks without it, that you would feel the benefit.

Ok thats my older brother speech done..

Stop doubting your quit though, don't expect too much to happen too soon in your quit.

All things come to those who wait.

You'll do this, but you MUST give it chance.


Hmm, yes

As you all know, white wine is the little devil on my shoulder too:( 1 glass and he starts beckoning to his dodgy mate Nic. :mad: 2 glasses and he and nic are plotting their deadly plan. 3 glasses and i might as well just go and live in a tobacco shop forever.

I'm kind of reluctant to give up the white wine as well though, because it is now my only vice. I have found though that i can only have a few, and it isn't the same without a fag to go with. Don't make the mistake that i KEEp making of trying to just smoke with alcohol, doesn't work...really doesn't work

Have you got an inhalator? I know it's not the same as a fag and you feel like a bit of a plank doing it in public but might help.


Thing is for me i'm using patches, its easy for me to say.. hey don't drink n stuff, but whether its your only vice or not (wine) at the moment, you have to weigh up if your only vice is becoming the pathway to a second vice (smoking)? In this case it is.. so the only way to control it is to either cut the vices out for a little bit, or limit them more than you are doing in quantity.

Throughout my quit though i've limited myself to 2 glasses of wine on a friday and 2 on a saturday and the rest of the week.. sober.

I find the 2 glasses enough for me.. its enough to be merry on and you tend to just feel more tired than anything if you got red wine.. white i dunno, haven't touched white in years.. makes me ill.

like i said tho, no-one is expecting you to be a nun forever, just give yourself a fighting chance for a bit is my only suggest here.


Hi Bev

You know that the wine makes you want to smoke and indeed has sent you back to day one more than once

I think you need to leave the wine alone for a while maybe

Sorry if this sounds harsh it's not meant to but it may just help you to get your quit really well established




It can be done!

when I stopped I gave up alcohol also for 6 weeks as I thought that having some drink would weaken my defences and I didnt want that. I battled through various triggers and still do now to a certain extent but it was about getting my head in the right place, to know that no matter how much that nic demon tormented me that I wouldnt give in, drink or no drink!

I went out after the first 6 weeks with 3 other smokers and every time they came back in the pub they stunk, I made sure I had a good sniff of their stinky breath and thought how glad I was that I didnt smell like that (even though I may have wanted a fag at the time) I also think about how my mouth tasted after beers and fags in the morning, and when I woke up after not having one how proud did I feel for not giving in! I love that proud feeling when I wake up and I have beat that nic demon down.

I would agree with Marg and stay away from the wine for abit, just long enough til you know it wont help you make a bad choice cos alcohol is a mean old drug too that makes you think in a different way, makes you do things you wouldnt normally do so Nic demon plus alcohol is really going to test you. you can do it though, be strong.

sorry its a bit waffly but hope it helps

Sam x


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