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Back again

Been a while since I have been on these pages, but low and behold i'm back again! :mad:

Had 4 months off, and then one day on my way into work on a sunny day I have a smoke "Why?" before I knew it had another, then another and so on.

Then got off them for about 4 weeks, went Newmarket races for my birthday and smoked again.

Now I am back on day 3

Where am I going wrong?

Ps any of me ole chums still about?

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Welcome back, good luck with the fresh attempt.

Where am I going wrong?

Errr, you keep starting again :p

but seriously the only way stay quit is to choose every day to not smoke. Looking on it as a positive thing rather than a sacrifice and understanding nicotine addiction and what to expect while quitting (through reading the links) will help but there is no magic bullet its just about never giving in, and the more time you can build up since the last smoke the more straightforward it becomes.

All the best



Hi Hairymarble :)

Welcome back to the forum and well done getting to day 3/4 just hang in there

You ask where you're going wrong except for the fact that you keep going back to the fags I really don't know, but you know the pitfalls and what has caused you to cave in the past, just avoid doing these things again

Do a lot of reading both the posts here and the links in our signatures there's a lot of stuff out there as you know and we're all here to help and support you as much as we can




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