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Day 43

Meant to post yesterday on day 42, or 6 weeks to be precise.

Well, I feel totally clensed now, and I fell 1000 times better than when I smoked. Springing out of bed in the morning rather than crawling out of my pit, more energy all day, more alert all day, better reading of my bank statement and not seeing the daily £8 withdrawal from Sainsburys garage (Fags + Red Bull x 2)

Better person all round, more energy to play with the kids, and secure in the knowledge that I have given myself a better chance of being around when they grow up.

Also my work rate has improved and im getting through my jobs quicker.

I honestly feel like I am 10 years younger, and i've become the energetic postive person again that I used to be when I was 17, and not the always tired, negative person that I had become, actually, make that 20 years younger!

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Well everyone in the first week of their quit should read this to know there is light at the end of the very dark tunnel.

6 Weeks is fantastic well done, i am just about 1/2 that but just imagining that i will be jumping :eek: out of bed in 3 weeks is amazing.

Glad you feel 20 years younger i bet you look it too.


Hi Amsie :D

Well done you on 43 days that's great hope you're proud of yourself

Glad to hear the benefits of quitting have already kicked in with a vengeance


Marg xx


Thanks Bev and Marg,

Bev, thats why im posting, I don't feel that I need the support now, but really to keep a bit of an online diary and hope that people behind me read it and stick with it.

Not sure about looking 20 years younger though, giving up smoking isnt that magic, lol :-)


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