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No Smoking Day
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Treats for quitting the fags


Its obvious looking at my bank statements that stopping smoking saves loads of cash, and also you gain loads of free time, so I'd be interested to know about what prezzies people buy themselves. :D

Since quitting 5 months ago, I got myself;

1. A catapult - helped big time in the early days (breathing and something to do with fingers outside) :D


2. A camera (great underwater on holiday, plus loved discovering a new hobby of taking macro shots of insects - fascinating stuff. :)


3. A down vest from Canada...still waiting for delivery. To keep me warm in winter...no need for a thick coat now the blood circulation has improved. ;)


4. A moth trap ...dont ask ! Kids love it though.


Not bad for a start, but I've still got several hundred quid to spend ! Anyone got any good ideas ???

Kind Regards


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hey ghowie -

you know you want to !! :D



or one of these Powerboards - never get wet walking from the car park to your office again my friend!! you will be there in seconds :)




Cool ideas, thanks Bman :cool: - the tank looks like a good one ! Powerboard looks a bit ambitious, at least for me - might snap a leg or something similar on that....but if I was 10 years younger, would give it a crack.


I bought a nintendo wii for me n the fiancé. We've had hours of fun with that, its energetic too.. helps your cardio training.

I got the wii, a 2nd controller, a wii fit, wii resort, and the 2nd sensitivity addon for the 2nd controller to make both compatible.

The end result is my and my fiancé play computer games together, she gets more exercise as she wanted something to assist her on that, and i get to do more energetic gaming rather than be sat at the pc playing MMO's etc.

Worked well for me, would recommend one to anyone!


hi ghowiie , a great acheivement in quit, hey if you dont know what to buy i could always pm u my address & i spend it for you:D

ha ha only joking,

im sure ure money will be well spent, chrimbo round the corner? x


hi ghowiie , a great acheivement in quit, hey if you dont know what to buy i could always pm u my address & i spend it for you:D

ha ha only joking,

im sure ure money will be well spent, chrimbo round the corner? x

can't believe u r talking bout that now, please join my campaign KEEP CHRISTMAS IN DECEMBER. Spend the money now.


ha ha yeah the c word is now around again only 15 weeks away or so i am informed x lol


At the moment, my treat is watching the overdraft shrink to near zero :-)

After that, my treat will be buying the kids xmas presents, lol.

Im thinking of getting a 42" plasma. I used to buy whatever I wanted whenever I wanted, but im not such a technogeek nowdays, and im still on a 32" widescreen brought at the last world cup, so Im tempted to wait until the next world cup and buy my plasma.

Failing that, the treat might be a week in Tenerife at Xmas for the family :-)

Edit - sorry about the C word there, I just know that any excess money we have now, the missus plans ahead. I tend to spend today, lol.


Ahhh treats...I'm only on day six (yippee!) but decided that each day I get through not smoking I'm getting a treat (not more than I would have spent on cigs tho!)

It seems to be working for me but at the moment most of the treats involve food..hmmm...not a good idea long term ...if only I could see my running as a treat :rolleyes:


I bought my OH the tank paintballing for xmas last year (see never mentioned the c word). He finally went on it last weekend and hasnt shut up about it since, he said it was THE best thing he has done (apart from meet me of course) in a very long time. He was like a big kid after it.


Lovely Treats

I regularly have manicures and facials every month using the cash I would have spent. Ive had some extra sepcial gifts and treats for milestones. My first month I bought a new handbag for a month, got a Maxi dress for 100 days, (still cant get in it!!) 6 months I got engaged! and the best treat of all is that I dont stink of smoke anymore!



Had a sports massage back in August, wouldn't label it as a treat tho Chrissie - rucksack use to sit exactly when my upper back felt as though it had been pummeled with a metal meat tenderiser. Couldn't sit back in my desk chair - not that I think I do that much anyhoo but as with most things when you can't do it you want to do it :rolleyes:

Thinking of having the necessary done some time next week too. Couldn't face it next Monday.

I stop smoking - I thought about smoking

I lay off the sauce for a week (only a week mind you) and the booze cupboard is doing the cha cha cha and the wine rack the rumba, no actual beers in da house at the moment or they'd prob be doing the frigging congo around the house *look at me - look at me* The irony is I've had most of this stuff in the house for ages, hasn't bothered me, now that I'm saying no for the week - it's like a canker in my ruddy soul!

So treats back to being cup cakes, or rather whole wheat pasta, aren't I lucky! :eek::cool:


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