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Day 14 - Help! Need advice

Morning Everyone,

Have a bit of a dilemma today.... I'll start at the beginning.....

I'm using the patches but after my shower last night left one off thinking I'd be fine. Went with the bf to my mum's for a chinese. Nobody else there was a smoker so no temptation around. Had a few glasses of red wine (lovely!!) and had a really nice evening. When we left my bf ended up buying some cigarettes:eek: I had no intention of smoking any...BUT when we got home he went out the back of the house to smoke one and I foolishly followed him. Now I haven't had a cigarette but I did take a puff of one. Just one teeny puff....and I gave it back to him and ran back into the house disgusted with myself:(

It was so pointless. I knew as soon as I had done it that I wouldn't like it!!

What do i do guys??

Does this mean that I have to go back to Day 1??

A sad Penguin x

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This is always a matter of opinion, in this case i would say you don't have to go back to day 1, it was 1 puff, you hated it and yourself and your not going to have another.

Do some more reading, i think you need to strengthen your resolve (or you would not have taken that puff).

Keep strong and remember N.O.P.E.

Keep posting and know we are all here to help, sending you some PMA and a big hug.


The only person whose opinion matters here is yours. Do you feel like you failed, or not?

If you do, then back to day 1 it is.

If not, then you carry on as you see fit. No one is going to hold one puff against you if you are happy to carry on.

Personally, I would go back to day 1 - but that's me.... I feel I need to be that tough on myself even now.

All the best.


don't give in

most people have a slip, i had one cigarette the other day and i was disgusted with myself.

Just keep going, it might be cause u had a drink, im staying well clear.

Are you having any cravings?:confused:


Hi all,

Thanks for your replies. I've decided to carry on and not go back to Day 1. I think to go back to Day 1 would demoralise me and make me feel like I've failed when going from smoking 20+ cigarettes a day to 0 (apart from that 1 puff) is a major achievement for me.

I'm back on track today.

I think until i've done a few more weeks, I'm going so stay well away from wine. I know that if it wasn't for those couple of glasses last night that my resolve would not have weakened.

Have saved £74.20 so far from not smoking which has brightened my day too.

winging the PMA back at ya Bev!!



Hi PP :)

Well done on day 14 but sorry you had that one puff however you haven't had any more so i see no real reason to go back to day one at all this time

Glad you're back on track today though and glad you've decided to stay away from the wine for a while

You were lucky this time but if it happend again you may not be so lucky




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